A week of Art.

On Friday morning I sat in Morning Meeting listening to an outstanding young artist, Joe Acone, talk about his upcoming opening in the Putnam Art Gallery. The students loved his work and asked many great questions. Our visual arts teacher Earl Schofield has done so much to bring arts in general, and the Putnam Gallery specifically, to life on our campus. The campus was buzzing after his show that night.

I thought to myself how fortunate all of us in that room were to live in a community so infused with art. Our week started on Sunday with an Open House concert in the Fountain Arts Building with our Glee Club and Jazz Band. The dance team performed a beautiful piece set to one of my favorite musicians, Natalie Merchant.

On Monday, Music Director Patrick Marr invited classical guitarist Kyle Phaneuf to perform three stunning pieces for the school. Kyle answered questions about his special guitar and the work he has invested in his playing.

In the middle of the week I received this photo from newest Arts Department member Dylan Pierpont, who helped students Will Hamer and GH Werowinski make these beautiful cutting boards in our woodworking course in the Von Mertens Woodshop.

Thursday afternoon I sat in on a rehearsal for our winter musical Into the Woods in the Shonk Recital Hall.

The actors had just received their parts and were working on musical numbers with Mr. Marr. The woman responsible for running all of our arts programs, Jenny Foreman, could not be there because she and her husband Donlin are performing Last Call, their elegant dance piece, at Promenade Hall in Madison, Wisconsin! Earlier in the week Ms. Foreman had taken her advanced dance ensemble to the Jeanette Neil Dance Studio in Boston for a class.

Last night English teacher Nicole Sintetos took students to see the Pullitzer Prize winning play Proof in Keene, NH. I am left wondering how art is operating on our students and faculty as they go through a typical week here. I am a proud head of school!

All of these things taken together do not even include all the regular rehearsals and studios taking place in a given week. Walk through the Gillespie Building or Lehmann House and you will see paintings, drawings, and digital art everywhere you look. Arts teacher Nina Silitch's students are almost done completing their wonderful 3D sculptures in the Horgan Arts Studio. What struck me was that this week would probably not seem extraordinary to a member of our community.