Mountain Day

Charles Moizeau, class of 1950 at Dublin School, wrote me a letter this fall indicating he wanted to do one last Mountain Day with the school. I told him I had a day planned but would have to decide on the morning of that scheduled day to make sure that the mountain was safe for our 150 students to climb it. Charles drove up from NJ the night before our target day and headed out on the trail bright and early the next morning. By the time I made the call that it was too dangerous to climb due to the fog and rain he was already halfway up the mountain. I felt terribly for Charles. My wife Lisa and I determined that we at least owed it to Charles to tell him the bad news in person so we scrambled up the Farmer's Trail and caught up to Charles five minutes below the summit. He was a machine! He was sad not to see the students but was a good sport and was clearly happy to have made it to the top.

At the summit, Charles pulled out a kite and a ham radio! He sent us on our way and told us he wanted "play" a little up there. On our way down the mountain everyone on the trail was talking about the old timer from Dublin School--even the people on the way up! When I got back to school and told some students about this incredible alum's story, two students asked if they could go up the trail and check on him. They called me ten minutes later to tell me that Charles just passed them in his car--he was already down the mountain!

What the students don't know as I write this blog is that Charles is coming back to school this morning, a beautiful Dublin Day, and is going to ring the school's large bell with me to indicate that we are skipping classes and climbing Monadnock.

I would like to give permission to all of our alumni to skip out of your college classes, leave work, climb a mountain, and celebrate life and community....