We are making skis!

Trustees Bill Barker and George Foote have designed, built and donated a brand new ski press to Dublin School. The press will allow our students to make their very own skis and snowboards right here on campus. I built skis with students while working in Aspen, Colorado and it has been a dream of mine to introduce this hobby to our Dublin students. I love making skis with students for it allows them to use both sides of their brains to build something both practical and beautiful. Kids start by designing their ski or snowboard graphics on Photoshop before having them printed out to use as a topsheet. See Grant's "Turtle" design for his snowboard in the photo.

Next, they design the shape and camber of the ski and create molds for each. They choose what wood to use in the core, cut out their plastic base material, attach metal edges, and then prepare the fiberglass layers. Once these steps are done they glue up all the layers and put everything in the ski press. 

The next day we open the press and find a hardened pair of skis! Here is a picture of Bill Barker with the first pair of skis to come out of the press today. I still ski on my own homemade pair and think they are as good as anything I have bought in a store (or I would like to think so...).

Tomorrow I will show you what the skis look like after Bill has cut out the extra material around the edges.


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