Many people know that I like to give out Moxie sodas as Moxie awards for individuals in the community who show"moxie!" I have received many nominations this year and here is one I just received last week from a freshmen girl:


Mr. Bates, How are you? I will make this brief because I have to get back to studying but here is the scoop. I was freaking out about my exam tonight, I had no idea what I was supposed to be studying or how, and basically was feeling like the emotional equivalent of a really stressed out ameba slowly drying out and wiggly around spastically, anyway I had no idea what to do so I emailed my Ms Sintetos and Ms Doenmez . They emailed back thoughtful, kind and extremely helpful answers about what I should study (because they have memorized my study habits) how much I should sleep and wishing me good luck with words of encouragement which I so desperately needed. This story may not come off as remarkable to a Dublin student because thats sort of what happens, you form incredible relationships with your teachers, they learn to know exactly how you learn and where you are strongest and weakest. However this is something unique to most small schools, but especially to Dublin, the teachers her you! So anyway I would like to nominate these two teachers because I think that this is part of the "dublin difference." Teachers who know you and care about you, and who have your back. So thank you to Ms Sintetos and Ms Doenmez you are both truly amazing.

Dublin School

Dublin School, Schoolhouse Rd, Dublin, NH, 03444, United States