Spring Break Reading Challenge

Ms. Hammond threw down this challenge yesterday and I thought I would pass it along. We have since added one of my favorite websites, Longreads. Hope you will join us!

Hi everyone,

As we go our separate ways for the next few weeks and enjoy a much-deserved break, I'd like to propose a challenge that should be "doable" for all of us:


Read one article (online or print, of any genre or topic) per day and keep track of the articles in a "reading log." This could be simply a sheet of paper or a word document with the titles. If any particularly stand out to us, we can share them with each other upon our return at the end of the month. Here are some of my favorite websites for finding entertaining, thought provoking or well-written pieces:


Safe travels!

Ms. Hammond

Dublin School

Dublin School, Schoolhouse Rd, Dublin, NH, 03444, United States