Morning Meeting

Just finished a crazy week of wrapping up our New England Associations Schools and Colleges (NEASC) ten-year reaccreditation visit, holding an exciting Board of Trustees meeting, hosting reunion weekend, and coaching three soccer games. It was wonderful to come into Morning Meeting today to witness an incredible presentation from junior Myles Spencer and his independent study teacher Dr. Bill Kennedy.

Myles is studying autonomous navigation using a robot designed by Dr. Kennedy. He made a maze for the bot that it was able to navigate without using remote control. Myles expertly explained how the "client" system controlled the bot during the navigation. He answered questions about practical uses of such systems and his next goal of designing his own client to control similar bots. Myles has certainly been busy lately. In August he taught the entire faculty how to write code using the language Python. Each one of us was able to develop a guess the right number program. Way to go Myles!