The Beauty of Mathematics

I love math. I didn't think I would ever say that. You see, I am the son of a math teacher and I resisted the urge to like the subject or at least show any signs that I did. I plunged into the history courses in college as a way to forge my own identity although I quietly took some fascinating math and economics courses when I had finished my history requirements. I have enjoyed using the skills I learned in these courses and from my father in my role as a head of school.

Last week I was meeting with a young math teacher here and he asked me how we could do more to forefront math outside of the classroom. I loved his challenge to the school and to me as the head. I have started by posting challenges to the school and will post a logic question here from my father's book "101 Puzzle Problems." First person to email me the correct answer will receive a Dublin t-shirt. (