Lessons of the Arch Deluxe

I have had a love and hate relationship with McDonald's since I was a little guy pounding the twenty piece McNuggets in the back of my father's Volkswagen van on the way home from a weekend of skiing. I love McDonald's, but McDonald's seems to hate me. The last time I had a serious feast at McDonald's was on my honeymoon; how romantic, right? Lisa and I were heading from our wedding in Maine to our honeymoon in Boston when we decided to pull over and try McDonald's new and experimental Arch Deluxe hamburger. The hamburger was clearly being marketed to de-stressing newlyeds with sophisticated palates looking for good fast food in Maine.


With Spanish onions, extra fancy ketchup, hickory smoked bacon, and a "secret sauce for grown-ups," this burger aimed to please and we left fully satisfied and ready for many return trips to McDonalds. Except that the Arch Deluxe has gone down as one of the great product failures. Other than the few Arch Deluxes they sold to Lisa and me and some guy in Omaha, they didn't sell. McDonalds tried to expand their product to reach a new market and they got too far away from their core business.

I think of this lesson often, mostly when I am hungry and often when I am driving in Maine, but also when I think of what I call boarding school fit. We are having a great year here at Dublin and I give so much credit to our admission office for helping families find the right fit. Dublin is not for everyone and part of our job is to coach some families away from applying to Dublin and help them find a better fit. We are working hard to define who we are to make it easier for families to consider whether the school is a good fit for their child. When the fit is there, watch out, great things can happen.

And speaking of fit, if you liked the Arch Deluxe, come visit Dublin!

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