Contra Dancing


When I first arrived in this area over four years ago and heard about "contra" dancing I assumed it had something to do with a local underground cell still protesting the practices of Daniel Ortega in 1980's Nicaragua. Since then I have learned that it is in fact a dance relatively native to the people of this area and their cousins in the British Isles. When Larry Ames took the stage in Morning Meeting on Friday to demonstrate the call and response style of dancing to our students and invite them to a dance that night, I was skeptical that any teenagers would show up in the Fountain Arts Building for the event. Boy was I wrong! I could hear whooping and screaming long before I even entered the FAB, and once there I joined a throng of students, faculty and alumni in a rousing series of dances called by one of our very own past parents. Thank you to everyone who helped us connect even closer to our rich local heritage!

Dublin School

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