Best Laid Plans

I love design. In high school at Belmont Hill School I worked closely with a teacher who was skilled in the instruction of mechanical drawing. I took every course he offered and even had the opportunity for an independent study during my senior year. For that year's final project the teacher asked me to design a renovation of an older building on campus and turn it into a gym. While I ended up having too much fun teaching after college and never applied to architectural schools I have found that I am deeply immersed in architectural work and design. I have been fortunate to work with a number of outstanding architects as we have spent considerable time and effort to update the Dublin School campus for the 21st century and connect it even more closely to the beautiful natural area where we live. I even had the chance to participate in the renovation of an old building into the beautiful new Fountain Arts Building.


We spend a good deal of time at Dublin School thinking about and discussing how people use interior and exterior spaces, and how to create patterns of interaction that lead to intellectual growth and community building. Every detail of a building or outdoor space, from the placement of a stone wall, to the planting of a tree, to the pattern on a new chair or carpet is driven by our larger educational mission.

This morning, however, our dogs (Tele--the shepherd and Ozzie--the little guy) reminded me that for all the planning we do, we can not always anticipate actual behavior. Well, at least they like their new beds!

Dublin School

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