Sweet Smell of Success!

Well, it took four years. It had gotten so bad that supposedly I was not even picked for a Winterfest team this year, and instead achieved the ignominy of being "assigned" to one of the color teams. On top of that the proctors assigned me to my previously least favorite color, Purple! And this all resulted simply because every team I had been on previously had lost our annual Winterfest celebration and competition. What a difference a week makes! Purple just might be my new favorite color. Our Purple team, led by proctors Tu Meng and Paige, stormed from behind to take the title on the final day of events.

All kidding and gloating aside, we had a blast last week. I have never seen such a great spirit among the faculty and the students in the middle of a New England winter. All the groups created wonderful skits and choreographed hilarious lyp-sync pieces for Friday night (see our Youtube Channel: Dublin1935 if you want to see video). Our Parents' Association, led by Michelle Lange, put on an awesome day of outdoor events on Saturday despite the mini--ice storm the night before. The students are on a short break before returning to school on Wednesday. Think snow and go Purple!