First Day of Classes

And we’re off! Today is the first day of school at Dublin and I love the frenetic energy of the students and faculty. We had a great Morning Meeting where the students heard about the different sports and arts offerings for the fall. I spoke to the group about creating a community that goes beyond tolerance, and setting a collective goal to fully reach out to other people, treat people kindly, and learn from one another. Of course I had to work the “building” theme into the talk and ended with a story about a fourteen year old boy from Malawi who built a windmill in his hometown to bring electricity to his family. You can see a video of William Kamkwamba (now a Dartmouth student) on, one of my favorite websites: ( His book, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is also a great read. After classes we will have lunch in advisee groups (see photo), some orientation games, camping trip meetings, sports, dinner, packing, sleeping, and then off on our trips tomorrow. This is fun.