Mountain Biking

I am about to head back to Dublin, but am trying to get into shape to be able to ride with our new Mt. Bike team this fall. As you can see in the picture I am even doing a little school marketing at 11,000 feet. I am a big fan of bikes, whether they be for the road, the mountain or just a fun "townie" bike. It is exciting to see my own kids discover the freedom that a bike offers. Out here mt. bikes can go where no horse or motor vehicle can travel--pretty liberating. I like bikes so much Ieven tried to buy a bike in a back alley in China in June but could not figure out how to get it back stateside. Has anyone read David Byrne's book on biking? It is on my long list of books to read. Please send me your riding stories! 

Check out Coach Farrell's new mountain bike video at: