China, Day 2

After a great Chinese dinner last night we are having an American breakfast in Beijing this morning. We are now off to our sister school the Beijing Experimental High School for a conference on international education. After the conference we will head to Tian men Square and the Forbidden City.

Beijing Sino-American High School Education Forum, 2011

Today I spoke about Dublin School's commitment to international education and how our school fosters international understanding through our emphasis on foreign language study, international travel, and an internationally diverse student body. Our small size and emphasis on critical thinking in class discussions allow our teachers and students to share ideas in a dynamic classroom environment. Students also learn about each other's cultures outside of the classroom through close interaction in the arts, in athletics, in the dormitories, in the dining hall, and during our weekend activities.

One of the other American schools presenting at the conference gave a presentation about a correspondence course between their school and a Chinese school using Skype and email to build international relationships and understanding. While their program was clearly innovative and valuable I could not help thinking how fortunate we are at Dublin School to actually live in an international community and interact daily in such a pristine location.

Attached is a program for the conference and I want to especially thank our five students, Star, AJ, Peter, Ben, and Will for their patience as they listened to over three hours of educational theory!