Student For The Day

Today I am switching places with Karion Smith '13. While Karion is Head for the Day and sitting in my office I am currently sitting in her Geometry class with Mr. Maitner. I will blog throughout the day so that people can share in this experience. I am now in my second class of the day...Dubliners! We are working on a piece called "Make a Joyful Noise". In Ms. Bouton's World History class we are discussing Japan's occupation of China during World War Two. The discussion is particularly interesting in that we have Chinese students offering a different perspective on why the Japanese were able to occupy China so easily. I had a good lunch with Aliyah, Cynthia and Sola. They made me talk like a student and not a head of school, it was refreshing. I even learned some new words and expressions. Now I am back in class with Ms. Blair's biology students and we are learning about genetically modified soybeans the impact of herbicides...fascinating.