Winter Trimester

There is a great deal of excitement on campus as we begin the new trimester. I spent the afternoon walking around to the various sports and activities and it was fun to see the nervous excitement of both the students and the faculty. Kids were being sized for ski equipment, the theater group read through their scripts for the first time, the basketball teams broke out their new balls for their first practice, and people seemed to be running everywhere around campus. Following the good advice from a recent David Brooks New York Times column, I urged our students to become actors, participants, and leaders rather than settling for being spectators. I also challenged them to get outside every day of the winter and try a new and healthy outdoor activity. I told them I would try snowboarding (I think the earth shook a little when I said this) and asked them what they were going to try. Skating, skiing, snowshoeing, falconry, cross country skiing, walking, sledding? Now we just need snow!