I am currently in Dallas meeting with educational consultants, junior boarding school headmasters, and alumni. This morning I had a little time before Jill put me to work in the school fair so I went for a walk down Houston Street. Last night I had a moment when I realized that President Kennedy had been assassinated not far from the hotel where I was staying. I felt pulled to the grassy knoll and the Texas Book Depository. I looked up to the sixth floor window where Lee Harvey Oswald sat with his gun while I walked the path of the President's motorcade route. I expected to see more at the spot, maybe even some flowers all these years later, but I only saw a little sign on the side of the building marking the event. I was particularly struck by the language on the plaque, which stated that Oswald had "allegedly" shot JFK from this location. I wonder how other people feel about this language?

It has been a great trip and there is terrific buzz spreading about Dublin School.