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Although Ultimate resembles many traditional sports in its athletic requirements, it is unlike most sports due to its focus on self-officiating, even at the highest levels of competition. This concept, called Spirit of the Game, is integrated into the basic philosophy of the sport, written into the rules, and practiced at all levels of the game from local leagues to the World Games. 

Combining the non-stop movement and athletic endurance of soccer with the aerial passing skills of football, a game of Ultimate is played by two teams with a flying disc or Frisbee™ on a field with end zones, similar to football. The object of the game is to score by catching a pass in the opponent’s end zone. A player must stop running while in possession of the disc, but may pivot and pass to any of the other receivers on the field. 

Ultimate is a transition game in which players move quickly from offense to defense on turnovers that occur with a dropped pass, an interception, a pass out of bounds, or when a player is caught holding the disc for more than ten seconds. Dublin School Ultimate competes in the River Valley Athletic League and SENE, travelling to single matches and one day tournaments throughout New England.

Recent Recaps

JV & V, Northfield Mount Hermon School
V Boys - L 3-15, JV Boys - W 9-8

Wow, the NMH Varsity Boys team was good, really good. Everyone of their athletes could throw, caught everything that was anywhere near them, and they were all crazy fast. We went down 5-1 early in this one as each of our players took turns trying to guard their 6'-6" receiver who was catching everything. We put together a few good strings, proving to ourselves that we have the skills, but again our lack of cuts and miscommunications costs us the game. NMH never took their foot off the gas and the game ended in time to catch the last 30 minutes or so of the JV game. Special shout outs to Ezra Von Mertens and Graeme Watson, both of whom ran super hard the whole game, and to Hayden Anderson who was our only female player on the varsity team for this game against the all-boys team from NMH.

NMH came out with a 1-3-3 zone/wall defense, which was a first for our team, shutting down our ability to get any kind of flow going and went up 3-0. Dublin responded by focusing efforts on speeding up the swing passes and moving the disc before the cup could get on the mark. It worked and we broke through their wall twice. They switched to a person D to try to hold us back, but our team would not be denied and we stormed ahead to take the first half. The stiff cross wind did not deter Connor Roberts from taking multiple shots at the end zone; He found his hammer and once that thing was out, there was no putting it back in the holster. Eve Hicks was a dominant presence on defense, Nora Snyder ran incredibly hard the whole gam - providing endless cuts, Elias Sieswerda caught countless passes all over the field and 5 of the team's goals, and Rhys Anderson's steady hands and nose for the end zone delivered us 2 of our 9 goals. And then there was Helen Ren's point of the season - Helen took over the game in one point and was literally every other as she worked the disc up the field, catching and throwing pass after pass until she finally threw for the game winning score. It was an amazing site. There was a tremendous effort by all the players and it was a big win for the young squad.

Hartsbrook Waldorf School
Win 10-3

The team brought the spirit and island vibes as they donned Hawaiian shirts for our senior game against Hartsbrook. Everyone was fired up by the nice weather and ready to deliver a win for Taylor LeClair and Kemp Wagenbach in our last home game of the season. The team came out hot and went up 6-0 with Taylor showing some of the fire we witnessed in the SENE tournament over the weekend. A few of our newer players had their best games of the season including Celia Liao, JJ Johnson-Speaks, Ellie Hradecky and Ash Wolaver. Ellie and Ash both played a couple brutally long points and had to sub out, but their contributions were felt. In a fitting end, Taylor threw the winning goal to Kemp capping off the 10-3 win. We still have more ultimate to play this season, but just acknowledging that these two will be missed.

SENE Tournament
W 10-3-CATS, L 4-9-Eagle Hill, L 4-11-MacDuffie

Spring finally arrived and with it another win in our opening game of the tournament. Perhaps a sign of things to come? We were hopeful. The team used the first game of the day to work out the kinks in the new 2-2-3 zone, which we planned to run on Eagle Hill and MacDuffie to shut down their deep game. It proved effective in stopping deep passes, but a new leak sprang as we kept allowing short throws into the middle. Perhaps a sign of things to come? It was a great game by all but most notable, other than CATS' unconventional backyard barbecue backhands, was Taylor LeClair. Taylor had the game of his season, catching goal after goal in the win. He chased down everything and we saw some of his biggest skies yet.

Stepping onto the field to take on Eagle Hill after the dominant win against CATS, the team was fired up. Our first 4 points of the game were super intense but ultimately not converting to tie it at 2-2, but rather letting Eagle Hill take lead at 3-1 proved to be the start of a lull for the team. Eagle Hill pulled away with their athleticism and solid all around play, and with the short game format, we never recovered. Connor Roberts scored a big goal in the game, making the catch just beyond the outstretched hand of Eagle Hill's best player. The team had a mini-rally toward the end of the game, hearing "Let's Go Dublin" coming from the MacDuffie team, scoring the last 2 points. Rhys Anderson caught the final point of the game after 2 Eagle Hill players tipped it on D and Rhys still came up with the catch. The sidelines erupted. We had momentum going into the next game.

For our final game of the day and with the chance to finish 2nd in the tournament, we implemented the 2-2-3 zone to shut down MacDuffie's offensive deep game, and it worked. To their credit though, they pivoted to a short game, and shredded our zone hitting players just behind the cup, gaining 10-15 yards at a time. We earned some chances on D, but were never able to convert them into points. Our offensive line never got it going; We needed more cuts and more options for the throwers and they just were not there. Three games in a day is a lot and this was the first "tournament" format for most of our athletes. Despite not meeting our expectations, we are hoping the experience will help as we continue to build for the RVAL tournament later this season.

JV, Eagle Hill School
Win 10-6

Spirits were up on the whole team for our road game to Eagle Hill to take on their JV team. While we don’t officially have a Varsity and JV squad, we sat our most experienced 7 players and challenged the others to go out and get the job done on their own. They were ready. Everyone stepped up and pushed themselves in their new roles and with the additional playing time. It was a super fun game for the players and those sidelined with the task of cheering on their teammates. Kemp Wagenbach leaned into his role on the sideline and took his first turn as a "coach in training", keeping stats and helping to call lines. We had 7 different players throw assists and 8 different players score. Ellie Hradecky and Clara Smith caught their first goals of the season.

Eagle Hill School
Loss 5 - 11

Slight chance of showers they said. SLIGHT. Really? Who are these weather people and why do they hate Ultimate? More like a torrential downpour in slightly better than freezing temperatures. Oh yeah, with occasional HAIL and strategically placed mud bog landmines dotting the field. Needless to say the conditions were miserable for Mudfest 2023, a.k.a. our Eagle Hill home game. The fans who did come out and brave the weather saw some of our best ultimate of the year, and while it might be a cliché, I have to say we keep getting better with each game. The team played an amazing hour of disc and was leading Eagle Hill, proving to ourselves that we can and will beat this team, but the cold and rain got us before it got them. Despite playing savage 7 (aka no subs), Eagle Hill had the advantage in this one as their players never cooled off. After an epic 30 minute point, where our reserves were turning into popsicles on the sideline, Eagle Hill tied it up at 5-5. Our decision to sub in favor of fresh legs, proved fatal however as the motors and hands of our players were frozen. A lesson for all of us - warm hands and internal fire can beat fresh legs. We lost momentum in this game, but continue to gain it for the season. Highlights included a footblock by Mazeo Mccray, a layout catch for a goal by Elias Sieswerda, slip sliding catches, finger tip catches, stellar defense by all with a shout out to Dylan Teper, and once again steady all-around-play by Kemp Wagenbach. In closing, I will say that I love our verve , tenacity and perseverance. Dublin Ultimate battles, and our sideline energy and support for one other is STRONG. Keep it up team. Big things ahead.