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Dublin School's approach to tennis is based on a four-part strategy to maximize potential. The program is designed to ensure that student-athletes develop the following foundational skills which are essential to succeeding at all levels of tennis.

  • Technical - balance, posture and mechanical efficiency

  • Tactical - playing with a purpose using directionals, court position and spin

  • Physical - cross-training to develop a finely conditioned athlete

  • Emotional/Mental - working toward competitive maturity

While students come to Dublin School with varying experiences in tennis, those that play through our program often develop a deeper passion for this life-long sport and continue to play recreationally and at the college level.

The home of the tennis program is the on-campus, award-winning Horgan Tennis Center with four gorgeous all-weather courts.  

Recent Recaps

CATS Academy
Loss 0-7
MacDuffie School, Rocky Hill Country Day School

Rocky Hill 0 - 7

MacDuffie 5 - 2

Hoosac School
Loss 0-7