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The crew team, now in its second decade at Dublin, has become one of the most competitive athletic programs offered at the Dublin School. The team averages 30 student-athletes, and fields coxed-fours in 1st and 2nd varsity, as well as the novice level at a full schedule of races throughout the spring. The Dublin rowers' season-culminating regatta is the Granite State Fours Championship, which is held in late May against local New Hampshire competitors such as Brewster Academy, the Derryfield School, and Lebanon Crew. This regatta can then be used as a qualifier to determine whether the crews move on to the National Scholastic Championship, a newly established regatta held on the first weekend of June.

Because Dublin makes its home in an area graced with a number of lakes, the crew team doesn’t have to venture too far for its practices. Training sessions are held on Thorndike Lake right in Dublin, New Hampshire, which allows our rowers to utilize over 2000 meters of pristine water. Dublin’s fleet has expanded dramatically in the last few years thanks to generous donations and consists of 6 coxed fours, along with a few other small boats. Rowing is unlike any other sport at Dublin, and provides students who may have limited experience on the water the chance to delve deep into a sport they can participate in for the rest of their lives. Everyone should feel welcome and know that they belong. The team will combine having fun with learning how to work hard and work together. If you're on time, you're late! 

Pre-pandemic, the team won the Granite State Regatta team trophy and have been rebuilding since resuming competition in 2022.  Dublin School entered a Girls' 4+ in the 2022 Head of the Charles Regatta.

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