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Something Rotten

Director: Jenny Foreman
Musical Director: Dan Sedgwick
Technical Director: Sophie Luxmoore

Two brothers set out to write the world’s first musical in this hilarious mash-up of
sixteenth-century Shakespeare and twenty-first-century Broadway.

Reservations highly suggested as seating is limited.


Please reserve your seat today, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

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Sound and Lighting Design: Alex Trombly, Vocal Coaching: JoAnne Mead, Choreography: Jenny Foreman, Daisy Ober ’23, Kaitlin Grant, Assistant Director: Maria Fallon ’23, Stage Manager: Hailey Avari ’23

Technical Crew: Marina DuVerlie ’24, Hannah Rothenberg ’24, Sky Xu ’23, Aaliyah Dimanche ’26, Rachel Hoffman ’24, Mary Keller ’25, Josh Lang ’25, Judy Li ’24, Everett Smith ’25, Tommy Sun ’24, Dean Swanson ’23, Quinn Hutchings ’25, Hunter Maguy ’25

Set Design & Construction: Alex Trombly and Jeremy Robarge, Jenny Foreman, Set Painting: Mark Sirois, Technical Crew, Costume Design & Construction: Jenny Foreman, Sophie Luxmoore, Technical Crew, Props Design & Construction: Sophie Luxmoore, Jenny Foreman, Technical Crew, Photographs for Lobby Display: Hunter Bachman

The Cast:

Amelia Leuschner  ’23 Lord Clapham, Puritan, Ensemble

Anna Kozikowski ’23 Portia (3/3@7pm, 3/4@2pm), Ensemble

Cole Smith  ’23 Shakespeare  (3/4@7pm, 3/5@2pm), Puritan, Ensemble

Daisy Ober  ’23 Bea (3/3@7pm, 3/4@2pm),
Bard Boy, Ensemble

Ella Yang ’23 Psychic Woman, Bard Boy, Valet, Puritan, Ensemble

Maria Fallon ’23 Bea  (3/4@7pm, 3/5@2pm), Bard Boy, Ensemble

Mars Harrison  ’23 Nostradamus, Ensemble

Olivia Jadlocki ’23 Nigel (3/3@7pm, 3/4@2pm), Bard Boy, Ensemble

Parker Cashio ’23 Shakespeare (3/3@7pm,3/4@2pm), Puritan, Ensemble

Sunny Shou ’23 Rosalind, Puritan Woman, Bard Boy, Sad Little Egg, Ensemble

Taylor LeClair ’23 Nick Bottom

Christopher Allaire ’24 Shylock, Ensemble

Clara Smith ’24 Nostradamus, Ensemble

Ellie Hradecky ’24 Minstrel, Francis Flute, Horatio, Chef, Puritan, Ensemble

Jane Fiffer  ’24 Minstrel, Troupe Member, Messenger, Ensemble

Marina DuVerlie ’24 Featured Tap Dancer

Samantha Wicknertz ’24 Nostradamus, Bard Boy, Ensemble

Sasha Paulson-Houser ’24 Troupe member, Ensemble

Adelaide DeForest  ’25 Portia (3/4@7pm, 3/5@2pm), Ensemble

Autumn Moran ’25 Nigel (3/4@7pm, 3/5@2pm), Bard Boy, Tapper, Ensemble

Brooke Burman  ’25 Minstrel, Robin, Puritan, Ensemble

JJ Johnson-Speaks  ’25 Minstrel, Peter Quince, Chef, Puritan, Ensemble

Mason Plotner ’25 Brother Jeremiah, Ensemble

Alaria Clauss ’26 Master of the Justice, Helena, Troupe Member, Puritan, Ensemble

Amelia Prindle  ’26 Dekker, Troupe member, Puritan, Ensemble

Laurel McNeary  ’26 Astrologer, Troupe Member, Miranda, Puritan, Ensemble

Mars Sutton ’26 Troupe member, Eyepatch man, Ensemble

Max Gorer  ’26 Tom Snout, Chef, Puritan, Ensemble

Stuart MacNaughton ’26 Snug, Foreman, Puritan, Ensemble