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two girls dancing on stage during mayfair.

Celebrating the Individual and Meaningful Work

The Dublin School Contemporary Dance Program welcomes dancers of all training backgrounds, from beginner to advanced, to come create with us. The program offers training centered in classical modern and ballet techniques with exposure to other popular styles and cross-training techniques, including hip hop, jazz, tap and social and world dance forms through guest artists and workshops. 

Dublin dancers engage in the joy of this physical art form and develop an awareness of how to use movement as a means of communication.

Student choreography is a hallmark of our program, and students of all levels are mentored in the compositional process in order to develop their unique movement style and to explore movement as a vehicle for self-expression.

Dublin is an institutional member of the National Dance Education Organization.

Jenny Foreman

Dean of Faculty, Arts Chair, Dance Director

Kaitlin Grant

two girls dancing on stage during mayfair.

Dance Ensemble

Dance Ensemble provides more serious dancers the opportunity to train year-round, while still having the opportunity to participate in other sports and activities. Technique classes and repertory rehearsals are scheduled two evenings a week and on Saturday mornings. The Ensemble performs several times throughout the year, including the Fall Family Weekend, Open House, the Winter Celebration of Light and Spring Mayfair events, as well as at venues off campus. Ensemble dancers will also participate in special trips to pre-professional dance studios in Boston and New York City, performance events and Festivals. Students receive arts credit for being a member of the Dublin Dance Ensemble. Advanced dancers have gone on to pursue dance in college at the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and Bennington College.

kids and adults dancing

Choreography Lab

This course explores techniques of dance composition. Through guided exercises in the use of time, space, energy/force and weight and an exploration of “master works”, students build a repertoire of choreographic devices to help them generate original movement and make choices about rhythm, dynamics, and design. Previous dance experience is advantageous but not required. Students will create a series of movement studies and may choose to create a solo or group dance. Some of our projects will be featured in the Mayfair dance performance. Independent Studies in Dance History, Choreography, Genre Specific Styles

dance team smiling and dancing

​​​​​Dublin Dance Group

Dublin Dance Group is offered in the Fall as an athletics option and is open to all students with no required level of technical proficiency. Students gain familiarity with contemporary dance techniques, build core strength and participate in creating original choreography. We also welcome guest teachers who expose students to other dance styles such as African dance and hip hop. Participating in dance allows students to simultaneously work toward greater efficiency of movement, improve flexibility, physical fitness and stamina, and develop a sense of artistry and self-expression. Many of the dancers return in the Spring to be a part of the Mayfair dance performance at the culmination of the year.