Mayfair is upon us!

Just the other night I had a dream. I arrived at the FAB for the Mayfair dance performance to find the sound system moved to form a wall outside on the grass in front of New Dorm and all of the boxes of costumes neatly arranged on outdoor shelves. “What if it rains!” I exclaimed, “These boxes are not weather-proofed… And we need this sound system inside – the dance is inside this year!”

As you can see, there is a certain anxiety - panic even - that swirls through my psyche one week before this performance. How will we ever finish it? Who will be at the rehearsal today (we face AP exams, crew regattas, college revisit days, all causing unavoidable conflicts for the 28 students who have joined the cast this term)?  Do we have all of the music edited? Making a dance from a “concept” opens up tremendous creative possibility, but making something out of “nothing” – no script, no story, just a collection of images – and very limited precious time, can be daunting.

This year our theme is “urban.”

“What does that mean?” was the first question I entertained as I met with the group of students who would be volunteering their time to be a part of the dance.

“I don’t know. What does it mean to you?”

Through the group’s diverse interests and expertise, we focused the original concept to a collection of dances that range from jazz, Latin, hip hop and contemporary with a slam poem and some recycled drumming added into the mix. The dances are primarily student choreographed, with two sections of music played live by Dublin musicians.

I am still having the dreams and wondering how we will get everything in the right place before next Saturday’s performance – but magic is always with us on Mayfair, have no fear. I am very grateful to the students who have volunteered their Sunday afternoons for the past 6 weeks to create our “CityScape” embracing the process with energy and enthusiasm – we hope that many of you will join us to help kick off the celebration of our graduating class as they dance around the Maypole, signifying their “springing” into their lives beyond Dublin.

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