Winter Open Mic Night


As libraries redefine themselves in the digital age, one of its many purposes seems to be growing in popularity; a space for community interaction and performance. Dublin School embraced this idea this past weekend with an Open-Mic held in the periodical room of Evans Library, a collaboration between Mr. Paul Siegel and the Music Department. With some slight maneuvering of bookshelves, a rearrangement of chairs, the addition of 2 risers for a stage and hot cider and snacks, the space was repurposed as a great spot for a night of music and poetry. 


An overflow crowd showed up to support their classmates, some of which had never taken the stage before. And, unlike all previous coffeehouse-style events, at this Open-Mic there was no amplification ...and no host!  After a performer stepped off stage, a pregnant pause, some rooting from the audience, another performer would step up. In my many years of attending performances such as this, I’ve never witnessed a community so smoothly controlling itself and functioning as one.  We can easily imagine holding these on a regular basis particularly as part of the “community music” program that we are building.  It was as a valuable night of inspired performance AND community!

Dublin School

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