Application Information

To complete an application we ask you to:

  • fill out an application form, including essay, and submit it along with a $60 application fee (international students are subject to a $100 application fee);
  • request confidential references from your current English and math teachers and another person who knows you well and can give us insights into your character;
  • arrange for your current school to send us official transcripts;
  • have your parents submit their essay;
  • we require SSAT, and for an English Proficiency Test for speakers of English as a Second Language. Please see the SSAT website for test dates and locations each year. It is important to forward the results of testing and,
  • An on campus visit.

Important Deadlines

November 1 - Financial Aid Forms available on NAIS website. (School code: 2890)

January 31 - Financial Aid Deadline. (please make sure we have your forms from NAIS)

January 31 - Application and Interview Deadline for following school year.* 

March 10 - Acceptance letters and financial aid awards are mailed to students. 

Early April - Revisit Day for accepted candidates.  Exact date announced with acceptance letter.

April 10 - Let us know if you are coming to Dublin next year!

*We occasionally have space for students after the January 31 deadline, however applicants applying before January 31 are given priority consideration. After March 10th, candidates are accepted on a rolling admissions basis, to the extent that places are available.


There are a number of options for applying to Dublin School. You can apply online or through a physical application.  We have found that an online application is often the most convenient for applicants and therefore recommend its use.


The Student and Parent Application should be completed by the student and their family. 

Character, English and Math References should be given to those teachers or others who have a good understanding of you as a student and person.  If submitting a physical application, please also provide them with a stamped, pre-addressed envelope so that they complete the reference on a timely basis.

Some schools require an authorization in order to provide us with the documentation necessary to evaluate your application. If your current (or past) school requires such an authorization, please download this form (see item 6 under Physical Applications below), sign it and provide it to your school so that they will release your records.

To Apply Online.

Click on the following to apply online.

We also accept the SSAT online application  (SAO) available on the SSAT website.

School Document Release

Some schools require a release to send files and records to Dublin. If you need a release please download it from here.