Dublin Reunion Registration Form
September 30, October 1 & 2, 2016

Schedule of Events

Friday, September 30, 2016

4:00pm to 6:30pm    
Welcome Reception, School House
Food, drinks and friends, feel free to bring your favorite Dublin photos, yearbooks and artifacts to share and help jog everyone's memory.

Private 5oth Reunion Dinner with Head of School Brad Bates
Open to the Class of 1966 and those who have already passed this distinguished milestone! (On campus dinner, pre-registration required).

We will be running a Goose Chase Campus Scavenger Hunt over the weekend. Download the app before you come or we will help you when you arrive.
Get the App here!


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Registration and Continental Breakfast
Tent on the quad

Alumni School Meeting, Louise Shonk Kelly Recital Hall
A special Morning Meeting including panel discussion with students, faculty, and administrators.


Family Friendly Alumni BBQ

Afternoon Activities
Goose Chase Challenge
~ Athletic Games on Campus (TBD)
~ Relax at the Dublin School Boathouse on Dublin Lake.
~ Visit the new "Steele Family Boathouse" on Thorndike Pond.
~ Take a hike along our stunning cross-country trails.
~ Climb Mt. Monandock!
~ Bring your bike, your kayak and enjoy our beautiful campus!

6:00pm to 8:30pm
2016 Reunion Celebration, Fountain Arts Building
Buffet dinner, drinks, special recognitions, photos and stories.

8:30pm to 10:30pm
Workingman's Rock & Blues Band, Fountain Arts Building
Live music and Dancing

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Brunch & Goodbyes, Lehmann Dining Room
Breakfast with Jan



Look Who is Planning
on Attending

Class of 1950
Charles Moizeau (Yes)

Class of 1966
Jim Cole (Registered)
Joseph Cummings (Registered)
George Eddy (Registered)
Joe Parson (Maybe)
Bill Pellerin (Registered)
David Sharp (Registered)

Class of 1972
Jill Sanders (Yes)

Class of 1973
Thomas Shannon (Registered)

Class of 1974
Cathy Barrows (Maybe)
Jeanne Duval (Yes)
David Fetherolf (Yes)

Class of 1975
Jennifer Diemond (FB Maybe)
Ron Eschenbrenner (Registered)
Carrie Jalbert (FB Yes)
Clifford Pafford (Registered)
J. Bruce Scott (Registered)

Class of 1976
Chip Anderson (FB Yes)
Jorge Cutillas (FB Yes)
Dede Echo (FB Yes)
Tiger Ferguson (FB Yes)
Christine Kos (Registered)
Coley Langshaw (Registered)
Caroline Morgan (Registered)
Freelon Morris (FB Yes)
Domingo Rosa (Verbal Yes)
Rebecca Ryle (Registered)
Jay Snyder (Registered)
Joanne Wiggin (FB Maybe)

Class of 1977
David Bliss (FB Yes)
Fred Ernst (FB Yes)
Sherry Ober (Registered)
Jonathan Quint (FB Maybe)
Charles Robinson (FB Maybe)
Jon Seamans (Registered)

Class of 1978
Michael Cohen (FB Yes)
Sam Goldberg (Per Jan)
Cathy Jessup (Registered)
Nancy Ruiz (FB Yes)
John Toland (Yes)

Class of 1980
Oen Kennedy (FB Yes)
Peter Sanborn-Silvers (Registered)
Glenn Tourgee (Yes)

Class of 1981
Homeyra Bakhshnia (FB Yes)
Heather Avery Stockwell (FB Maybe)

Class of 1982
Brian Tourgee (Yes)

Class of 1983
John Tourgee (Yes)

Class of 1984
Amy Garrison (Registered)

Class of 1985
Brian Cohen (FB Maybe)

Class of 1986
Missy Bridgewater (Yes)
John Campbell (Registered)
Andrew Ellison (Maybe)
Robert English (Registered)
Zara Fardshisheh (Maybe)
Lee Flemming (Yes)
Sherry Font (Maybe)
Cindy Kenne (Yes)
AK Kim (Registered)
Paul Marrone (Registered)
Spencer Norcross (Maybe)
Burt Price (Yes)
Mark Risney (Registered)
Clay Ruker (Registered)
Shawn Sidebottom (Maybe)
Allison Silverstein (Registered)
Rob Sylvain (Yes)

Class of 1987
Brax Miele (Registered)

Class of 1996
Jen Bogin (Registered)
Nicky Kee Dowell (Registered)
Lara Gleason Weller (Registered)
Joy Hopkins (Registered)
Michael Kitces (Registered)
Rob Landriani (Registered)

Class of 1993
Amanda Schofield Jenkins (Maybe)

Class of 1994
Anna Petrova (Yes)

Class of 2002
Jung Yun (Yes)

Class of 2003
Aryna Battle (Registered)
Tim Horgan (Per Jan)

Class of 2004
Eric Meils (Registered)

Class of 2005
Tom Jenks (FB Maybe)  

Class of 2006
Gordon Connell (Registered)
Allison Drogy (Registered)
Eric Edgerton (Registered)
Khamal Edwards (FB Yes)
Ashley Farrell (FB Yes)
Elaine Frenette (Registered)
Sonny Gaddy (Per Jan)
Michael Gorman (Registered)
Jess Hopple (Registered)
Genesis Mullins (Registered)
Meredith Park (Registered)
Rodist Parker (Per Jan)
Pichaya Promploy (FB Yes)
Chase Vettese (Maybe)

Class of 2007
Glondy Pena (Registered)

Class of 2008
Alexandria Farrell (Registered)
James Kirk (FB Maybe)

Class of 2009
Ali Avery (FB Maybe)
Natalie Hoffman (FB Yes)
Spenser Horgan (Registered)
Ashlee Virtue (FB Maybe)

Class of 2010
Chris Riley (Registered)

Class of 2011
Meredith Hoffman (FB Yes)
Eddie O'Donnell (Maybe)
Erik Steele (FB Maybe)

Class of 2012
Alison Poirier (FB Maybe)

Class of 2013
Alex Lange (Yes)

Former Faculty
Michael Arwe & Rachel Buchsbaum (Registered)
Alexandra Bean (FB Maybe)
Mike & Mary Cornog (FB Yes)
Diana & Michael Elkavitch (FB Yes)
Scott Holland (Yes)
K Horgan (Per Jan)
Carol & Willard Jost (Yes)
Judith Knapp (Yes)
Lucy Shonk (Yes)
Michael & Nancy Yurgeles (Yes)



Cost for the weekend...?

Please make a donation to help cover the costs as part of your Annual Fund gift this year.