Rise Again: Below Zero

Ben Tripp - Rise Again Below Zero

Ben Tripp '84 has just published "Rise Again: Below Zero," his second novel of a two-part apocalyptic zombie series for Gallery Books, an imprint at Simon Schuster Publishing. Of the book, Publisher's Weekly said: "This sequel to "Rise Again," the author, Ben Tripp, balances kinetically choreographed scenes of zombie carnage with studies of well-drawn characters and enough political intrigue to give his tale more gravity and grounding than most zombie gore feasts." 
Ben has an upcoming trilogy of "rollicking" young adult novels in the historical fantasy genres. Gallery Books has also secured rights to his first foray into the vampire genre.  Ben has always been an artist and designer (some of his set work while here at school was amazing!), and has worked with major entertainment companies and motion picture studios for more than two decades.
According to Gallery Books, he has “for many years been one of the leading conceptualists of public experience, with a global portfolio of projects ranging from urban masterpieces to theme parks.” Now Ben writes novels full time, and lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Academy Award winning writer/producer Corinne Manninan.