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Congratulations!  You're in. 

Mr. Bates with a Message from Chile

9th Grade Dubvocadvertisement

The 9th graders recently completed a DubVocAdvertisement assignment. Essentially, they were tasked with making a "Why Dublin" video using our vocabulary words. They were evaluated on   the clarity of their message, their use of persuasive techniques, and their appeal to their audience -- YOU!

We are excited to welcome you to Dublin School! We cannot wait to see all of the opportunities that you take advantage of at Dublin. Congratulations and welcome!

What to expect at Revisit Day

  • 8:45 am Registration in the Recital Hall
  • Morning Meeting with the whole community, plus your future classmates
  • Engage in some amazing Dublin classes
  • A delicious lunch in the Brett Smith Dining Commons
  • Student panel - have your questions answered by our students
  • Opportunity Fair - explore many of Dublin's programs, clubs and traditions
  • Meet with student and faculty program leaders
  • Pick up Dublin swag that the Shiras School Store
  • Get to know your future classmates!!

*Please plan for an 8:45 am start and a 2:30 pm finish.

At Dublin You will Do It All

You can explore your interests deeply and embrace the unexpected to grow Within & Beyond. 

Students paying attention and taking notes in a science class


  • Appreciate & Empathize
  • Be An Empowered Learner
  • Create
  • Develop Resilience
  • Explore New Ideas & Knowledge
  • Widen & Deepen Your Worldview
Student focused on painting a piece of ceramics artwork


Whether you are a dedicated artist with creativity to spare or feel hesitant to express yourself through your art, you will grow in your artistic expression with the support of our incredible faculty. 


Boys Cross Country Race


With 17 athletic teams, there is a place for every athlete at Dublin! Our dedicated coaches are committed to the process of building and growing every student, all while having a ton of fun! You can be a true beginner AND compete at the highest level in your sport at Dublin.

Five students cheering on their friend at Winterfest

Actively Inclusive...

A newly admitted student said to us recently that Dublin School feels "actively inclusive". We thought this put into words so much about our community! 

We hope that you come to Revisit Day to experience the uniquely welcoming feeling of Dublin once again before arriving in the fall!

Get in Touch with us!

Jill Hutchins

Associate Head of School for Enrollment

Jacqueline Kenney

Associate Director of Admissions, Girls Lacrosse Coach

Kari Olsen

Assistant Director of Admissions, Sailing Coach

Zachary Wennik

Assistant Director of Admissions, Ultimate Coach

Virtual School Store Coming Soon...