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Learning Skills Program

Dublin School's Learning Skills Program is devoted to helping students access a rigorous academic curriculum and thrive as learners. With sessions that are built directly into students’ schedules and learning specialists who are in dynamic collaboration with other departments, classroom teachers, advisors, and one another, the program is deeply embedded into the very fabric of Dublin. Learning specialists are committed to ongoing professional development and the exchange of best practices to support student learning. 

Working in a 1:1 individualized setting, learning specialists guide, educate, and empower neurodiverse students to embrace their unique learning profiles. Students learn “how to learn” through intentional skills instruction in the context of their current coursework, while navigating the various strengths and challenges that characterize their personal academic experience. Students enter the program at different levels of proficiency and progress at their own pace. At the foundation of each LSP experience lies a relationship between learning specialist and student that is built upon communication, active collaboration, and respect for the individual learner.  

Students in the LSP achieve the goals of the program when they can independently demonstrate the use of effective learning strategies and a sense of ownership over their learning process. These individuals display increased self-awareness, self-motivation, and the courage to self-advocate, and are in the position to thrive as learners both at Dublin School and beyond. 

The Learning Specialists

Emily Cornell

Titles: Learning Skills Director, Learning Specialist

Carl Anhalt

Titles: Learning Specialist

Laura Browne

Titles: Learning Specialist, Psychology

Lanessa Davis

Titles: Learning Specialist, Wellness Coach

Nellie Herman

Titles: Learning Specialist, ESL

Stephanie Pratt

Titles: Learning Specialist

Alexandra Scalfano

Titles: Learning Specialist & Community Service Coordinator

Doug Wilcox

Titles: Learning Specialist, Girls Soccer Coach
Faculty member and student working together in a learning skills room.