When the Student Becomes the Teacher!

On a nightly basis, it's very common to hear Mr. Adams' voice blasting out of computer speakers and headphones around campus. No, Mr. Adams is not a music teacher sharing his latest recordings, but rather a math teacher who creates instructional videos to introduce new concepts to his students. Earlier this week; however, the tables were turned.

Gareth finds a quiet place at 7am to record his video. 

Gareth finds a quiet place at 7am to record his video. 

His students created and shared videos of their own! While watching them, Mr. Adams could not hold back a smile because the students spoke articulately and naturally as they explained various math concepts. They even appropriately added in humor and comments similar to ones he makes. This activity forced students to carefully think through each step of a problem and clearly explain it well enough for another person to understand. 

Here are a few examples!

Sierra shows how to solve two step equations.

This assignment was possible because the Applied Algebra II students recently received iPads from the school as part of a pilot 1-to-1 iPad program. Continue to follow this blog to see ways in which students use their new tool to dive deeper into the material and to expand their understandings.