I Feel Comfortable and Safe When...

When each student walks into a math classroom, they need to be in an environment where they feel comfortable, safe, and confident so that they can work to grow their understanding and enjoyment for the course material. Teachers help to create this type of environment by carefully designing lessons, making rules, and building relationships with students. However, teachers can only make assumptions about what makes a classroom environment comfortable and safe for each student.

To avoid making assumptions, Mr. Adams employs a strategy that he learned at the Klingenstein Summer Insititute to get to know his students better and for his students to get to know each other better. On the first day of classes every student has to finish the sentence, "I feel comfortable and safe when..." and then share their responses with the entire class. Each of the student's exact sentences were put into one document so that they can refer to them throughout the year and use them to help guide their behavior. The class also recorded key words from the responses and voted on the words that they felt were most important to them. What you see below are visual representations of each classes results! 

Enjoy looking through these to see the common themes, but also to realize how unique each classroom environment will be this year.