Kids Who Can't Get Enough

Although all students long for summer and wide open days, many if not most Dublin students are choosing to spend some of their precious summer hours involved in learning and in academic course work.  Several students are working on Geometry over the summer, hoping to test out of it when they return in the fall in hopes of achieving higher levels in Math over their high school careers. One student is in an intensive Chinese language program at Middlebury College. Some students are at camps or in internships as well. I’d love to hear from any student involved in studies and learnig this summer. What are you doing and working on?

There are a few hardy students who are doing summer course work on campus. Dr. Bill Kennedy is piloting a course in iDesign Studio for the fall with Lilly Campbell and Dieter Brehm. Today they are programming Arduinos to make lights light up in different colors at different intervals and to sense motion. Each student is designing an original invention: Lilly is making a curtain that lights up in patterns in reaction to music and Dieter is making a device to stabilize a video camera.  Dieter is also working in the observatory, learning about astronomical imaging.  Myles Spencer is almost an adjunct faculty member, and he is upgrading the observatory computer capacity, essentially for fun. Erika Rogers is teaching a blended course in Marine Biology in which five students complete assignments online and attend a class via GoToMeeting once a week. They will travel as a group to do field work later in the summer. Hope Fowler, Fiona Johnson, Sierra Riley, Jesse Garrett-Larsen and Lilly Campbell are learning the essentials of Marine Biology and pursuing an individual project as well.  I am following this course as well and learning a great deal.

It is exciting and humbling to see the energy Dublin students are putting into extending their learning on summer days when they have so many options!