Summer for the Dublin School Faculty

Of course, the Dublin faculty and satff will take time for outdoor adventures, for family, for reading and for other kinds of fun too, but they also do significant work to build their expertise and prepare for the coming year. Here is an overview of the professional development plans for our faculty and staff for the coming summer.

John Adams – The Anja S. Greer Conference on Mathematics, Science and Technology, Exeter

Alicia Hammond – Exeter Humanities Institute on English, Exeter,  and working on a Freshman "Wordsmith's Notebook" on the craft of sentence composing and developing a series of Sophomore Writing Seminars, as well as drafting the curriculum and texts for the iPad-based AP English Language course

Nicole Sintetos- Exeter Humanities Institute on Diversity, Exeter,  + Independent Schhols' Girls' Project with  Alex Bean and students (see below), archival research at Columbia, Princeton and National Archives

Erin Bouton – Exeter Humanities Institute on Diversity, Exeter,  making ibook, developing Res Life curriculum

Michelle Knapp– Exeter Humanities Institute on Diversity, Exeter,  +  Fryeburg International Student Coordinators’ Conference

Joseph  Putko- 224th American Astronomical Society Meeting, Boston, June; PixInsight Workshop, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics,  Mentoring day-student astrophotography intern; Perkin Observatory community outreach events; Improvements to the Perkin Observatory in consultation with other observatories; Developing new astronomy program

Alex Bean – Independent Schools’ Girls Project with Kate Fulshaw '16, Leah Star '15, Tricia Sullivan '16, Sydney Clrake '16 and Noelia Calcano '17, Hotchkiss School -Keynote Address: “Challenge-Based Learning”   -workshop presenter: “Building an Old-Girls’ Network”

Holly Macy– Association of College Counselors of Independent Schools, Nashville TN

Anne Mackey – ISANNE Heads’ Assistants Conference

Jan Haman - Religions in the 21st Century Course, developing JanNet resource for incoming minority students 

Jesse Jackson – “Reading the Landscape”, a workshop and field study with Tom Wessels in Maine,  developing new freshman STEM curriculum

Jonathan Weis – compiling Precal problem guide, reading “Greater Hippias”

Jason Boyle – 21st Century Teaching and Curriculum, University of Melbourne

Stephanie Clark – 21st Century Teaching and Curriculum, University of Melbourne

Michael Silitch – 21st Century Teaching and Curriculum, University of Melbourne, a study of John Adams’s Geometry videos

Earl Schofield– Ceramics course, Sharon Arts Center,; independent study for Spanish fluency and Math

Nina Silitch– French course in Chamonix, France; Ceramics course, Sharon Arts Center,

Rodrigo Villaamil – Perfecting Written English with Michelle, Running Coaching Camp level 2

Nellie Herman– coursework for Master’s Degree in Latin, UFL, Latin immersion workshop

Yijie Chen - communicating with Mandarin teachers from other schools; researching about new teaching and learning tools and resources for Mandarin III next year

Jenny Foreman – Directing play at Andy's Summer Playhouse, Performing in Southern Vermont Dance Festival, Brattleboro and Weekend of Chamber Music Festival in the Catskills.Creative, Teaching and Performance Residency with Kanopy Dance/Theatre de l'Ange Fou in Madison, WI , Tutoring math

Joanna Smith–  Running Coaching camp

Bill Kennedy – piloting iDesign Studio

Patrick Marr– TABS Summer Boot Camp

Brooks Johnson -   Camp Deerwood, Coursera course

Sarah Doenmez– developing Senior Project, making ibook, project

Evelin Gamarra– teaching at Cardigan Mountain School

Katri Jackson– Summer Forest Watch seminar, UNH; developing new freshman STEM curriculum

Robin Newton– School Nurses’ Conference


I think you will agree this is an impressive list!