Phoebe's Visions

“You are an artist; you owe no allegiance to reality.” This was Mr. Schofield's advice, encouragement, exhortation to Phoebe this year as she developed her artistic vision.


In a morning meeting this week, Phoebe Knox talked about her workin Advanced Photography, a journey developing her aesthetic vision in increasingly experimental ways. Her slides were fascinating and complex, with a careful use of color and impressive mastery of the editing process. Phoebe did a project photographing cross-section of cells she took from the pond by the lower field, including miscellaneous insect parts, webs of cellulose and tissue in seemingly abstract patterns. From the micro to the macro, she then took photographs in the observatory of galaxies and globular clusters, and next, she overlaid the cell cross sections onto the images of the cosmos. She confessed to enjoy the idea that the smallest structures of life resemble the largest structures we can see, and the idea of the interplay or symmetries this suggest. Another version of this idea was overlaying the astronomy pictures onto a set of x-rays of the head and spine of Larry Ames. In one images, he was blowing stars from his mouth. Later she did a project photographing insects, and then decided to combine these with Hindu statues, another way of combining the terrestrial with the divine, and then she added details from Indian currency and patterns to those images.  She said she had been assigned to use gears but just did not like the way they looked and rejected them. The level of absorption in the room as we took in and contemplated Phoebe’s work was testament to the quality of the work she has done this year.