"Let my Art take your Hand."

Last week, Earl Schofield spoke at morning meeting to help us understand the purposes of his work. This was on the morning of the opening of the current gallery exhibit, "Himalaya Visions."  He wanted to put us in a certain mind frame to view his paintings as something more than the stunning beauty they represent in themselves. Mr. Schofield asked each of us to close our eyes, and I prepared for a lovely guided meditation on beautiful places and inspiring mountains. "Imagine you are driving down a road at night and you skid on the ice. Things spin out of control, and when you wake up everything is dark. You are scared and cold. You hear a voice next to you, murmuring to you, and your mind begins to follow it." Yes, Mr. Schofield was asking us to imagine the moment of our deaths, And then: "That voice is me reaching out to you when you are stripped of all else." He said he was terrified too, each time he showed his art, that people would not perceive his bared spirit in the way the image is created. It was a powerful moment, and I am sure none of us will ever look at art the same way again. The paintings in this exhibit are breath-taking, a vision of our world that is worthy of our gaze, our time, our appreciation: a vision of earth infused by Mr. Schofield's spirit, and a beauty that can only be called divine. His art takes us right to the source of all beauty: human connection and light in a dark universe.