Dublin Students' Travels in China

Over March Break, four adventurous students explored two cities in Central China, Shanghai and Suzhou, led by Yijie Chen, our Mandarin teacher and a native of that area. Alyssa Jones, Kenny Navedo, Mark Franklin and Mekhi Crooks were able to experience both the ancient and modern aspects of contemporary Chinese society, a mesmerizing and life-changing experience. As students of Mandarin, the trip also provided them the opportunity to apply and stretch their language skills. Here is a brief recounting of their adventures from Ms. Chen.

"The China trip group had a great time!  We went to Shanghai and Suzhou; these pictures were taken from the most popular places in those cities, such as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, The Bund, Suzhou Garden, North Temple Pagoda, Shantang Street, museums, etc. The kids loved to see the ancient Chinese houses and architecture. They also enjoyed the authentic Chinese food a lot! They tried to speak Mandarin mostly while we were at the restaurants. I am glad to see the kids used chopsticks throughout the entire trip.  I tried to provide a diverse experience for the students, so we went to see both the modern side and ancient side of both cities and visited the most popular places and museums. They also enjoyed the experience of walking on the ancient roads, seeing the old styled houses, and shopping for their family and friends." 

You may click on this link to view  photos of their experiences.