Snuggling Up with Our Books

"Tis the season: long dark afternoons, cold winds blowing, storms; if we are lucky, the power will  go out. I like to make the point to students that the winter term is the perfect time to really get cozy with their books. A comfy chair in the library is a refuge in this season, or an hour under a quilt in the dorm with a book just for fun. Kids might even read to each other. Many students laugh when I say this in morning meeting, but later I hear from others who feel they have been given permission to wander through something unassigned, or who have been inspired to pick up a tempting title and browse. It is such a sense of luxury to explore a new book, and wonderful conversations arise when people tell each other about the books they have loved. Even assigned textbooks can feel like a journey when done with the proper snuggly attitude.

As a part of developing this theme, I asked what people in our community were reading just for fun and was flooded with  responses. Two seniors I want to highlight are these: Alex Rodde '15 is reading Stirring It Up by Gary Hirshberg and Adam Goldsmith '15 is reading Neal Stephenson"s Cryptonomicon. I am impressed with them for taking on these topics and  glad to think of them curling up in their commons for an hour here and there to read for the sheer pleasure of it.

What are you reading this season? May you too find a way to take some time for reading this winter!