Model UN: Politics and Drama

Last Sunday 10 Dublin students attended the Model UN conference at Phillips Exeter Academy. Matt Coffin '16, Will Arment '16, Yichen Jiang '15, Nick Runyon '18, Gabby Colchete '17, Siyi Zhou '17, Diamond Miller '18, Amani Naton '18, Boning Ma '16, and Will Stanhope '16 spent the fall preparing to debate and solve pressing issues in the world today: the Water Crisis in Sub-saharan Africa, the role of transnational corporations in international relation, the militarization of the Arctic,  the Crisis in Southern Sudan were topics they researched from the point of view of nations they were assigned to represent.  There were general Assembly sessions, Security Council Sessions, a Joint Crisis Committee dealing with North and South Korean competition for the Young-byong Islands, and a Historical Security Council set in 1989 dealing with the rebuilding of Cambodia in the wake of the genocide there. Our students did research in spare time, on Sundays in the library, over the Fall break to prepare. Once there however, research and scholarship feed into drama and public speaking. Students from many prep schools and NH high schools mixed in Committee sessions and enacted solutions o their own, some more realistic than others. Following strict parliamentary procedure takes getting used to but did not suppress the creativity or imagination of the participants. Gabby and Amani argued for making an internationally-protected reserve for scientific exploration in the Arctic. Will argued for making transnational corporations support unions. Siyi and Boning became entangled in assassination attempts, fomenting civil unrest by smuggling choco-pies into North Korea, and putting down riots. Nick and Yichen helped develop a plan for supplying water to sub-Saharan African nations by creating desalinization plants which would be handed over to national governments after they have shown themselves strong enough to handle them. Dublin students had the chance to take leadership, push themselves, and contribute to the future. And Matt won Outstanding Delegate for his creative ideas in keeping peace and developing South Sudan!