If It's Not Messy, You're Not In The Game

All the adults who work on the Dublin School campus gathered on Thursday for a four hour session of training in multiculturalism. The workshop was taught by Visions, Inc., and the trainers included students as well as professionals.  Diversity has always been an important aspect of the Dublin experience, and we have been seeking ways to further intercultural and interpersonal dialogue to ensure that all students engage deeply with people of backgrounds different than their own, and grow more comfortable discussing differences that shape the ways we view the world. One of the major exercises asked each of us how we identify racially, ethnically and culturally, to describe our class backgrounds, one thing we like and one thing we don't like about our cultural identity, and how our backgrounds might help and hinder us in our work. I learned so much about people I thought I knew well, and confronted aspects of my own identity in new ways. This work took both truth and courage. I am excited to continue learning about how to talk about the messy subjects of race, ethnicity, class, religion, gender, and sexual orientation, and I think we all are. It is liberating to let go of the assumptions we carry, little by little, to ask each other new questions, to listen, and to learn.  We will work to advance and deepen this kind of dialogue with students in the year ahead. It is not easy work, but it is so important in helping us achieve the goals of our mission, and become more deeply honest and more deeply connected. 


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