Honors and Our Mission

This is an excerpt from a morning meeting ritual that takes place each term: the recognition and commendation of those students who have earned Honors and High Honors for their academic performance in the previous term. 

Today I am pleased and proud to announce the Honors and High Honors achievers from the fall term. But first let us think for a moment about what it means to achieve these levels of success at Dublin School. Our mission says," At Dublin School, we strive to awaken a curiosity for knowledge and a passion for learning. We instill the values of discipline and meaningful work for the good of self and community...With our guidance, Dublin Students become men and women who seek truth and act with courage." This is a complex and far-reaching mission that  describes the process, purpose and outcome of a dynamic education.

Students who earn a GPA of 3.33 or better to achieve Honors have demonstrated that they are motivated by curiosity and a passion for learning. They have developed significant level of discipline and care about the good results of their learning and their work for themselves and their communities. Students who surpass this level to achieve High Honors, a GAP of 3.7 and above, are taking the next step: finding personal meaning in their studies; seeking truth by probing their subjects and their readings, and acting with courage. These students take initiative, act independently, find ways to use their new knowledge and contribute their learning to their communities. We are proud of their hard work and commitment to learning.

The Honor Roll and the names of those students who achieved all Excellent effort grades will be published in the newsletter.