Student Voices

Students voices have been so powerful in morning meeting this fall. Senior presentations in particular have been rich and meaningful, intimate and individual glimpses of the growth of each student. Here are a couple of recent examples. Mylisha Drayton talked about a trip she took to The Dominican Republic and an orphanage she visited there. This trip forced her to confront a level of poverty she had not imagined before, or understood to be real, and yet the people, even in desperate circumstances, were not so much down-trodden or crushed with despair as full of laughter and generosity. She gave us their situation and attitude as a counterpoint to our own tendency to complain about the smaller discomforts, asking everyone to think of the last time they had complained, and showed us that the resilience and hopes of the people she met in the DR were a constant inspiration for her. Mylisha was asked how she thought world poverty should be tackled, and she smiled.

 Brendan Palmer spoke about his love of questions and the way he has found computer programming the framework for an analytical inquiry into the universe and his own place within it. “How do I Perceive My Reality” was his driving question, and how he incorporates new experiences into his framework and self perception. Programming provides him the outline and science a method to fill in the details. Brendan admitted that the experience of extemporaneous speaking was terrifying but demonstrated that his framework gave him the power to change his reality and to give an eloquent and impressively open picture of his learning processes.