Schedules for the Coming Year

As we reach the midpoint of August, the coming year begins to feel immanent, and we are all getting excited and ready for the new year to begin. To see our plans and imaginings take shape, to have students here again, is what we work for all summer. A great deal of my time in the summer has to do with the construction of the schedule for the new year,and the creation of each student's and each faculty member's individual schedule. While this may seem mechanical or even perhaps dull, fine-tuning each person's schedule in the community involves what seems like  millions of emails with students, parents, guardians, and teachers. The schedule is the curriculum brought to life, and it represents the way each person's time will be directed for the coming year. What could be more important? So all the communicaitons adjusting the individual student schedules to make them include the right combination of challenge and confidence, inspiration and discipline are the hopes and dreams of what education can optimally mean for each student. This is a beautiful process worthy of all the attention and care it requires. I hope we all remember the way a given teacher or class affected the paths of our life, sparked enduring interests, piqued a curiosity that led us deeper. Who knows which course that will be for our students this year?  

The schedule for the coming year has been changed, too: we have added lab times at 11 and at 2:30 so that every science class will have an extended block once a week. The school day will run until 3 p.m., though most classes will end at 2:25. The half hour between 2:30 and 3:00 may be used for a variety of purposes, such as rehearsals, extra help, tutorial sessions, and homework as well as for labs. This schedule is the product of many hours of faculty discussion, and is the eighth option we developed. We hope the new schedule will allow us to continue to create more student-centered learning experiences.

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