Goings and Comings

May has been a season of goings out and comings in: field trips, class trips, Mayfair, and young alumni visits after  college semesters are done. Class trips have traveled to beaches at Hampton and Lake Winnipesauke, rafting in Maine, and to Cape Henlopen state park at the beaches in Delaware where the senior class is currently doing community service and learning about an entirely new environment. These trips bring enrichment and the enlivening of knowledge, curiosity, fun, and new bonds within the group and with Dublin. Parents have visited campus for Mayfair, along with alumni. The opening of Gillespie Hall brought a different group of alums, parents, and friends of the school to campus. Dublin has never felt more like a web, and it reminds me that education, the leading out of our selves, is a lifelong process. A school like ours has the opportunity to provide occasions for each member to learn, and to connect with others in a continual process of opening of minds. Dublin students have been able to meet alumni of various generations, and project themselves into the future in so doing. Alumni reconnect with past teachers and old friends, and revise the views and feelings about their past. We shape ourselves continually closer to the image of what we strive to become. We envision the future and in so doing, create pathways. I too recently visited my high school, attending my 35th reunion. I was nervous, as were my classmates. We listened to each other, learned about the passions in each others ' lives, listened to each others' journeys. We found new opportunities in the stories of each others ' lives. We are about to send forth this senior class and everyone will disperse for the summer. But we will come together again in new ways and continue to be connected, to learn from each other and to grow.

Dublin School

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