Innovation in the Academic Program

Flexibility, versatilty, dynamism have always been hallmarks of the Dublin faculty. Their ability and desire to create  new electives, to try new approaches, to teach from their passions and inspire their students has always impressed me. But when Brad Bates asked me to provide him a list of innovations in our academic program over the last year, and I started drawing the list together, I was amazed. I think you will be too. Here is some of what has been done:

In Technology this year, Jason Cox has done C# programming and Advanced Applied Programming, solving real systems for the school.  Jeff Harrison has offered independent studies in network security.

Henry Walter 's English electives this year were new: "Spring" (natural history and literature), "Yes and No, Chess and Mirrors" ( existentialist  literature).

In History, Alicia Hammond created electives in "HIstory of the Fifties,"  "Gender and Pop Culture," and "1968, A World Perspective." Brooks Johnson taught "The Presidency". I taught for the first time "Poverty and Development" and "Nuclear Issues."

In Science, AP Physics, has been pioneered by Mr. Weis and "Meteorology and Climate Change" is a new elective taught by Mssrs. Johnson and Talley. 

In Arts, most of the music courses are new, especially Jazz/Rock  Ensemble and Advanced Music Lab by Mr. Flores. Jan has offered "Advanced Acting" and "Films Reflections." LP Runyon's courses in sculpture and three dimensional design have been new additions too.

In Math, a senior took a sophomore course at Keene State College through their Advanced High School program. This provided us a new reach for students at the top of our curriculum. 

This year also saw the inauguration of our co-curricular service trips to Costa Rica and India, which has had a hug impact in our community. The faculty has been exploring problem based learning as another vehicle for promoting  critical thinking, student leadership and problem solving skills.

For next year, there is already much in development. New courses are likely to include

AP Computer Programming, Media literacy and Film Making as an English, and a series of senior English electives as well,  Latin American history and Europe 1945 - present as well as another series history electives, Energy and Ffficiencyin the science department, and probably Anatomy and Nutrition.

The AP Environmental Science class will be  monitoring white pines with a UNH study and also Monadnock for signs of global warming with a project at Antioch New England. IN addition, we hope to offer Mandarin for the first time.

Online courses will be piloted this summer.

I plan to work on a freshman seminar and a "sophomore experience" with the faculty,

and a collaborative project with UNH in environmental engineering.

I'd say that's a fair amount of innovation! Three cheers for an inexhaustible and inspiring faculty!

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