Discussions in Science

Mallary Blair, Biology and Chemistry teacher, emailed last week to let us know what has been happening in her classes.  Her excitement is infectious and I wanted to share this example of the kind of thinking and discussion students are experiencing in science. "Many times students discuss really important matters ... where science, technology, history and relationships with other countries are leading us.... Recently the bio classes have been talking about the human genome and genetic engineering.  We have been talking about whether or not technology and science should tamper with a concept as ethical as this.  I do a warm-up each day and for the past two weeks we have been discussing things like, would you give birth to your own clone?  Is cloning a human a good idea?  Should we bring back the wooly mammoth?  How many foods that are genetically modified do we eat?  I have been surprised at the depth that many of the students have gone into answering these questions and many of our discussions have been heated debates." This is a great example of connecting classroom education to relevant and critical issues in our world, and perhaps sparking students into finding ways to take action on their learning.

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