Spring is springing!

This past week has been so warm and springy, I had to get some seeds into the ground, so I mucked around and planted some patches of spinach, lettuce, beets, peas, and dill. I hope they will not be harmed by the freezes predicted in the next week. Today is cool and rainy but the students are arriving back on campus, freshening the atmosphere. Tomorrow the new term begins; the most poignant, when each day there is a moment in which I feel that we will never all be here together in this way again. So it is easier to feel the sweetness of our community, the moment of the challenges, the importance of our work. Truly our greatest goal must be to ensure that students leave Dublin School more eager and curious than they arrived; that they walk away confident and competent to take on any challenge they encounter; that they will be excited to choose important tasks and difficult courses. Ultimately too they must have felt that their work must improve this world. So planting seeds is the metaphor of the day. Perhaps each senior should be given a packet of seeds along with the diploma to sow as each sees fit and themselves become the planters and caretakers. Along these lines, I am pleased to say that our $100 of our kiva loans have been repaid, so the students will be able to choose four new recipients of microloans from the Dublin community.

Dublin School

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