Mindfest in December

We will end this segment of school before the holidays with our three-day Mindfest. Mindfest is a celebration of learning for the sheer joy of learning. It was designed by the Department Heads four years ago as a way to inspire curiosity and passion for learning in our students, and as such, is integral to the achievement of our mission. Students are free to propose any learning topic they are inspired to pursue, and they sign up for sessions. Faculty support students in developing and leading the sessions, and participate as learners themselves. It has always been a wonderful community building experience and provides the whole community to live out our belief that learning is natural, joyful, hard work, shared, and rewarding for its own sake; it is the most human of all activities; it is a life-long pursuit. Therefore we require all students to participate in this experience although it is not graded, and we do not dismiss students for the holidays until after our beautiful Ceremony of Lights on Tuesday evening.

Proposed Mindfest sessions this year include: Blacksmithing, How to Make a Difference in Ending World Hunger, Imporvisational Acting, Psychology Behind Cinematic fear, Sports Medicine, World Governments, It's Time for Africa, Magic, Fate and Passion in Opera, WWII The European Front, The Secret World of Disney, Japanese TV, Caesar's Gallic Wars, Cooking Chinese Food, and more!

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