Reflections on the Fall Term

In his history of the early years of Dublin School, Paul Lehmann, the founder, said, “If I were to indicate a practice, a philosophy if you will, in the conduct of the school, it would be this: It is the obligation of the school to provide, or help to provide, as many diverse experiences as possible for each [student] to encounter, either successfully, or in failure, to the end that [s/he] will gain a better understanding of [him- or herself] and [his or her] potentials.” Our intensely busy fall is proof that this philosophy remains a guiding principle of education at Dublin School. From washing the breakfast dishes to dancing an interpretation of the poetry of Rumi, from writing essays to soccer drills, from speaking up at morning meeting to reflecting on our mission, each day offers students experiences through which to grow in knowledge, skills, confidence, and responsibility to the community.

The poles of pursuing the inward, quiet, individual practice in reading, writing, thinking, problem solving and the outward interaction of communicating, demonstrating, working in groups, building community and teams define the parameters of learning and growth at Dublin. Each student this fall has been challenged in a variety of realms; each is learning about himself or herself and the wider world. Each has experienced success and frustration. We hope each has discovered excitement in new areas, and understood something about his or her own potentials.

Dublin School

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