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three girls doing a science experiment

No Two Dublin Educations are the Same.

We couple the power of a classic college preparatory education with the ability and flexibility to dive deeper into a newly discovered passion.We require rigorous and extensive course work in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Español, Technology and the Arts. But this is just the foundation. The excitement for our students is in being able to take their ideas and passions further.

Sarah Doenmez

Associate Head of School for Academics, History

We offer over 90 courses yearly   

Dublin students typically take six academic courses a semester. Freshman and sophomores usually take a full schedule of core classes in the disciplines of English, History, Mathematics,  Science and World Languages.  In addition, they generally also take an elective course in Arts, Technology or in an area of particular interest.

As they enter their junior year, students at Dublin begin to increasingly specialize in areas of interest. They do this by taking classes that are directed at their interests and abilities but that also allow them to meet the distribution requirements of the school.  Many students focus heavily in the Humanities, PRISM (math, science and technology), or in the Arts. Others take a balanced schedule sampling courses in all the academic areas that are available at Dublin.

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