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At Dublin School, we strive to awaken a curiosity for knowledge and a passion for learning. We instill the values of discipline and meaningful work that are necessary for the good of self and community. We respect the individual learning style and the potential each student brings to our School. With our guidance, Dublin students become people who seek Truth and act with Courage.

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Our mission is what we live, not what lives on a shelf...

We believe a mission is not something to be memorized but something to be felt. It should be seen in the way we treat each other every day and through the decisions we make. Dublin’s mission is as full and as active as our school days. Together, students, teachers, and administrators strive to seek all Truths and act with Courage in order to better respect the individual viewpoint, needs, and potential each person brings to our community. Our Mission and our Motto reinforce each other and provide a strong foundation for the growth of all.

Mission Awards

Each year, the faculty chooses one student from each grade who best embodies the Mission of Dublin School. Each student  displays elements of the mission in their own unique ways. How do you live the mission? 


Our Mission


with Courage

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